Your own homepage

For the reason of data protection you need to contact the RBI first. Otherwise your website will
be unreachable.

HTML pages

You have to create a directory named WWW in your home directory. This directory has to be readable and
executable for everybody. Your home directory has to be excecutable too, since otherwise the http server
has no access to your homepage.

You may change the adequate access rights of the directories using the command chmod:

chmod 755 ~/WWW
chmod 711 ~/.

Done this everybody worldwide has access to the file ~<user>/WWW/<filename> by using the URL<user>/<filename>

It makes sense to give your homepage the name welcome.html or index.html, because this is the file which
is searched for first after the URL<user>/

is requested. A list of all reachable homepages is provided on a daily basis, therefore the adress of your
homepage will be public. To avoid this, you have to avoid the file names welcome.html and index.html.

List of students homepages, sorted alphabetically:

CGI scripts

Create a new directory as descripted above. This has to be named ~<user>/CGI. Please inform us via email
or even better in person, that you wish to use CGI. Then we will activate CGI. You have access via<user>/cgi/<filename>

Please note: While the directory has to be named CGI, to access CGI you have to write cgi in small letters.
Unix is case sensitiv and distinguish between upper and lower case!