Floor plans of the RBI

The facilities of the Rechnerbetriebsgruppe Informatik (RBI) as well as the computer-lab R026 are located
at the basement of the Institute for Computer Science, Robert-Mayer-Strasse 11-15. The PC-Pool
(the so called Fischer-Rooms) is situated in the same building at the ground floor and only accessible
through a separate side entrance (Emil-Sulzbach-Strasse, next to the Magnus auditorium).

The rooms of the RBI at the basement

In the basement (right below the Fischer-Rooms) you will find the offices of the RBI staff. The printer
room is located at room 019. There you may get your printouts. In room 011 the RBI provides a scanner.

Computer-Lab (Room 026)

The computer lab is in the basement. Originally there were three separate rooms, hence the original name of the room with three consecutive room numbers. There is now only one room 026, which is accessible through the front and back entrances, the middle door is locked. There are 21 computer workstations here. Computer names and further information can be found here.

Fischer-Rooms (PC-Pool)

The PC pool is located in the same building on the ground floor (behind the Magnushörsaal) and is only accessible through a separate entrance on Emil-Sulzbach-Straße. Computer names and further information about the PC pool can be found here. There are 39 student workstations in 5 rooms. Computer configuration for the individual rooms can be found here.