Network infrastructure

The infrastructure of the Institute for Computer Science is based on Ethernet and Infiniband technology. In the
Ethernet domain Gigabit and 10 Gigabit components are used. The links to the professorships are realised with
monomode and multimode optical fibres.

The connection of the two HPC clusters of the Computer Science Department is realised through 10 Gigabit
ethernet. The nodes of the cluster are linked by Gigabit ethernet connections as well as Infiniband. The link to
the central computer center of the university (Hochschulrechenzentrum / HRZ) are carried out by a 10 Gigabit
ethernet connection.


The present configuration consists of:
  • a pool of 35 workstations for students (Intel Dual Core und i3 CPUs)
  • a pool of 25 workstations for master students and final year projects (Intel Dual Core und i5 CPUs)
  • 2 HPC-Cluster
    • Students cluster ( 1 server + 16 Dual-Quad-Core Compute-Nodes)
    • Experimental cluster (1 server, 1 x 8 Quad-Core + 1 x 4 Quad-Core Compute-Node, 12 Dual-Quad-Core
  • a network of central servers to realise central service functions for the department, e.g. NFS-service,
    SMB-services, Logon-services, Database-service, Name-service, Mail-service, Cluster-service,
    netinstallation-services and communication services like FTP, WWW und Email
  • On the workstation computers Linux Fedora is running. The server are operated with Windows Server 2008
    (R2) and the linux derivate Centos


For historical and sentimental reasons all our workstations and server machines have names of the
Greek mythology (in the beginning only names of greek gods were used, but unfortunately there are not
enough gods). Workstations belonging to the same Ethernet segment wear names beginning with the
same first letter. Workstations of the RBI staff beginn all with the letter h with one exception: otto (Rehagel).
The main server are named zeus, kronos, hera, helios, olymp, sphinx, hermes, helix, harpinna,
athene und poseidon.

Internet Domain

All computers belong to the internet domain The workstations of the clusters
belong to the internet domain

NIS Domain

For security and practical reasons the network is parted into two separate NIS domains, one for users and one
exclusively for the RBI staff. To the later belong all machines beginning with first letter h except hera, helios,
helix, harpinna und hermes.