Disk quota


Command for showing the actual quota and used disk space of your own account: quota -v


Disk quotas for user xxxxxx (uid xxx):

Filesystem blocks quota limit grace files quota limit grace
kronos-gb:/home/users4 1500174 3000000 3100000   24930 150000 160000  


1. number (here: 1500174): The disk place (kB) you are using at the moment.
2. number (here: 3000000): The maximum disk space (kB) you are allowed to use, before you
get problems with the log in.
3. number (here: 3100000): up to this limit (kB) data can be stored.
numbers 4 to 6: the same for count of files.

Command du

The command du shows the zeigt disk place usage of directories: du -h [directory]
The optional parameter -h gives you the disk space in a better readable format.

Example input: du -h test/
Example output: 48K test/

This means the directory test uses 48 Kilobyte of the available disk space.
More information about du can be obtained using the command man du.