Removable data storage devices


Most media (CD, DVD, USB flash drive) are mounted automatically in KDE or Gnome.

Mount and unmount manually

You can mount Cds and DVDs manually by using gnome-mount --device /dev/cdrom . The media is now
mounted in the directory /media . With gnome-umount --device /dev/cdrom the CD/DVD will be unmounted
(you can remove the media from the drive only after unmounting)

For USB flash drives und USB hard disks:
Usually gnome-mount --device /dev/sda and gnome-umount --device /dev/sda. In some cases you have
to use sda1 or sdb instead of sda. Check /dev to find out the correct location.

Better alternative to gnome-mount:
use hmount device mount_point (and hmount -u device for unmounting). If the mount point is omited the
media will automatically mounted in /media. Example: hmount /dev/sdb1 /media/myusbstick
To show all available options of hmount use man hmount .