Workstation names at the RBI

Computers of the RBI (hosts and serservs) are generally named after persons of the Greek mythology. Since
many users may not know the character after whom the workstation they are using is named after, we provide
a list of all used names including an explanation in german language.

The descriptions were provided by online search and by the help of two books:
Gustav Schwab, die schönsten Sagen des klassischen Altertums, Verlag Carl Ueberreuter, Wien 1951 and
Gerhard Fink, Who's who in der antiken Mythologie, dtv, München 1993.
Highly recommended lectures if you want to upgrade your education in the Greek mythology domain. :)

For the sake of completeness: the list introduce only names, that are used by the RBI.

Have fun while studying the list.

You may find the complete list in the german section of your webpage (Rechnernamen der RBI), or just click
onto the german flag in the upper right corner.