Printout problems

No print job

Sometimes where is a small delay since you will see your print job in the printer queue.

Error message using the print menu

If you use a program like e.g. xpdf to print a document, it may be that in the advanced settings or page
setup is preset a not supported format. In that case set the appropriate settings.

Print job was in the the queue lpq but there is no printout

  • Check with lpquota if your print quota for this semester is already depleted and check your e-mails.
  • If you have printed a pdf document, there could be problems with the printout. In that case, if your print
    job is active but doesn't proceed, delete your print job and print again using our printing instructions
    and the How to print FAQ. Often it helps to convert the pdf document to the postscript (ps) format.
  • In the case that the paper compartment of the printer is empty, please inform our admins in room 011
    or 010.

Only the cover sheet is printed

  • If you print a ps or pdf document directly from a browser, you will get a cover sheet (and maybe a page
    with a link) as printout. It is not possible to print these documents directly out of a browser. Save the
    document and open it with a PS or PDF viewer. Then print the document from the viewer.
  • The document hast send the wrong page format (something other than DIN A4) to the printer. Either you
    may have set the wrong page setup in the printing menu of your viewer or the format of the document is
    predefined in in a false format. If you use pdftops to convert the format of your document you should use
    the option -paper "A4".


The tutorial you will find in the Service section.