PC Pool

The so-called Fischer-Rooms are the PC-Pool of the Institute for Computer Science. They are accessible
to all members of the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics. To login to the workstations a
RBI user account is required. The workstations provide the Linux distribution Fedora.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday (except legal holidays and Goethe University's annual Christmas break)
  • Opening hours about 9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m
  • Occasionally individual rooms may be reservated for practical courses or tutorials


The PC-Pool is situated in the main building of the Institute for Computer Science, Robert-Mayer-Strasse 11-15
at the ground floor and only accessible through a separate side entrance (Emil-Sulzbach-Strasse, next to the
Magnus auditorium). You may find an overview of the facilities and the hostnames of the workstations here.

Computer Names

R 21

  • oidipus
  • orestes
  • oxylos


R 22

  • erebos
  • eumolos
  • eos
  • euros
  • eros
  • elektra
  • eleusius
  • eryx

R 23

  • kretheus
  • kepheus
  • kirke
  • kratos
  • kreon
  • kalliste
  • kroton
  • klytios
  • kadmos
  • kalypso

R 24

  • oikles
  • oibalos
  • otos

R 25

  • phylla
  • phobs
  • pandion
  • pythia
  • proteus
  • priamos
  • phoenix
  • phoebe
  • paris
  • pan
  • pallas
  • polyphem
  • polydora
  • pegasos
  • penelope

Remote access

The workstations are accessible using (for example) a ssh connection. You may find a brief introduction how
to login in this manual of the FAQ section of this site.


The Fischerrooms are named after a company (obviously named Fischer), which used the facilities prior to the
Department of Computer Science.