Mailing lists


The RBI offers a mailing list service for university members. Users who want to establish a mailing list
please contact our webmaster. We are providing the program Majordomo for that purpose.

What is a mailing list?

A mailing list can be used to forward mails to a certain user group. Applications could be e.g. user groups
for discussing specific themes or announcements to a group of interested people. The deployed software
provides a comfortable administration of these lists.By simple commands, users and administrators of the
mailing lists can use archives, subscribe or unsubscribe, moderate a list, distribute summaries etc.

Who may use our service?

In principal all members of our university. Of course this service could be limited to research and teaching
in the narrower sense if the consumption of system ressources gets to high or we are getting complains about

Which informations do we need?

To set up a mailing list, we need the following informations:

  • Who is administrator of the list? That is the person who will get notifications about subscribing and unsubscribing etc.
  • Is the list to be archived?
  • Is the list moderated or unmoderated?
  • Additional wishes about the functionality of the list. Of course this is dependent on the used software.
  • A text, shortly describing the subject of the list. This text will be mailed to new subcribers of the list.