Microsoft Imagine


Microsoft Imagine is a Microsoft program available to academic institutions in the domains science,
technology, engineering or mathematic ("STEM"). The RBI is subscribed to Microsoft Imagine, so that
members and associates of the Departement of Computer Science and Mathematics may use Microsoft
operating systems and development environments free of charge under the restrictions of the Microsoft
Imagine EULA. This includes non-majoring students as well. Excluded are the Microsoft Offfice products
Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.

Entitled are the following groups:

  • "Students" are persons, who are enrolled to the departments STEM-courses, practical courses or
    programs, for which there may be granted credit points or certificates of attendance.
  • "Staff members" are persons, who perform IT support directly associated with the administration of
    the Microsoft Imagine subscription.
  • "Teaching staff" are persons, giving STEM courses to our students, contributing to the departments
    STEM-courses, practical courses or programs or practicing noncommercial STEM research at the
    department of computer science and mathematics.


Furthermore it is allowed the usage at the following laboratories ("labs") of the Department of Computer Science
and Mathematics:

  • A "lab" is a computational work orientated course room, used for lessons in STEM disciplines at an
    educational facility belonging to that STEM department, to which the Microsoft Imagine subscribtion
    was licenced to. Generall purpose labs, used for general activities like email or internet access, are
    excluded from this definition.


The webshop registration can be done at the RBI in room 014a. To do so, you need to complete a data privacy
statement. You will get an account valid for one year at the webshop. Your RBI email adress will be passed on
to Microsoft by the RBI. You may enter an objection in written form, in that case your webshop account will be
deleted immediately.

For accessing the webshop use the following link:

You may find the up-to-date End-User-License-Agreement (EULA) here:

Please note:

For security reasons it will exclusively accepted the email adress of your RBI account (<user>
or <user> Forwarding your emails is not recommended, since the delivery and confidentiality
can not be guaranteed. There is a possible risk that unauthorized individuals get knowledge about sensitiv data of your
webshop account and will use your licences illegally. The consequence could be claims for compensation from Microsoft.